About Us

WORLD ELGADO GROUP LIMITED All companies are subsidiaries of WORLD ELGADO GROUP LIMITED a registered company in Nigeria having its partners in the US, Canada, China, Europe and its presence in Chad Republic which is engaged in diverse businesses such as, Sourcing of funds for turnkey projects, construction, health, tourism, oil and gas, maritime sectors of the Nigerian economy.
The company's main objective is to meet the demands of other firms and multi-national companies locally or internationally.

Our sustainable success in the industry is hinged on the drive for satisfactory services, exceptional quality deliveries, proactive management and team spirit with great passion for innovations resulting from commitment to learn continuously and embrace new ideas.

At WORLD ELGADO GROUP LIMITED everything is professionally done to maximize client satisfaction through an interactive combination of high quality human and material resources efficient and effective strategic planning, dynamic project organization and reliable health, safety and environmental policy.

We at WORLD ELGADO GROUP LIMITED believe strongly in preeminent position of our highly valued workforce and efficiently balance the application of these resources with a pool of equipment in a competitive market environment to achieve the desired goals. Our operational techniques recognize the salient inputs of modern projects management approach and the benefits of technology advances while not allowing the principle of profit maximization to overshadow the global trend for environmental protection and timely service delivery.

The forgoing principles have remained our bedrock, which propelled our company towards growth and development over the years with a reputation of qualitative work and timely service delivery. It is our strong desire not only to sustain these policies but more importantly to improve on them as we grow in the industry.